Sunday, July 02, 2006

"The Burn" and the Bakery

Ever have one of those days when you thought you might - at any moment - puke, cry, fall asleep, or fall down? That was my today. All I can say is don't eat Thai food the night before an early morning run unless you carry a few kleenexes and you've planned to stop off for a comforting cup of joe directly afterwards. (Hunting for plant seeds helps the run go quicker.)

I guess it was one of those days when my mind and body were not interested in running, albeit through the beautiful bluffs of Forest Park. Or maybe I was just a little fatigued from our activites over the last 2 weeks. First my mom & step-dad visited, and Paul & I had fun trying to show them the many facets of Oregon (hey, maybe they'll decide to move?). Between many activities, we had lunch at the Pittock Manson, the beach, and @ Timberline on Mt. Hood. We also visited Hood River Valley's Fruit Loop. My favorite was a beautiful lavendar farm; a sea of purple with a Mt. in view to the north and the south. I think we would have done more gardening at home but it was too damn hot out that week! On Tuesday they flew back to Iowa and our friends Kelly & Chris came from MS. For not living here for the last 10-ish years, they sure know their way around! They introduced us to the Willamette Valley wineries, a few great restaurants, and how to properly spend a whole day downtown (stopping for coffee is integral). They took off toward Olympia this morning, right after we left for our run in Forest Park. We had a good time with all our visitors, despite the single bathroom and high temps @ times. Back to routine now, I guess.

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chris said...

Thanks for letting us stay at your place while we were in town. You guys rock! Don't forget to take Bobbie and Jay to Voodoo Doughnuts one night after the Brew Fest. You know you'll all be hungry for a bacon maple doughnut. Yummm!