Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rusty, dirty, chipped, salvaged. Junk?

It's art if you make it so!* The flower was priced at $180.

On Tuesday I went to a
Garden Art Show at McMenamins (missing an apostophe?) Edgefield. It was a really cool place, and it was packed with garden art. Vendors who made their art from greater than 70% recycled materials were invited.
The place was crawling with women - in straw hats and Mom Jeans - and their poor husbands who were used as "reserved" signs that said, "My wife has dibs on this," while their wives waited in line to pay. Sadly, it looked a little cut throat at times.
Nonetheless I think I would go again.

*The word 'art' expressed in this Blog is that used by the Garden Art Show producers and is not necessarily the same word used by the individual blogger herself.


chris said...

Of course it's 'art'! Remember what our friend Brad has been selling as 'art'?

LillieBug said...

I believe that it is McMenamins-no-apostrophe-"s" because it is the McMenamin brothers who own the place...but wait...shouldn't it then be McMenamins'? That's probably what you meant in the first place, too, right? Geez. I need more sleep.

(This useless comment brought to you by Science Majors 'R Us.)

Matthew Volkmann said...

Annie, it's your bro here...You actually paid $180 for that flower?!?! I mean, I understand its intrinsic (70% recycled materials) value. But, $180!?!?! I'm glad you want to do a good thing for the planet, I recycle too by-the-way, but $180?!?! Tell you what...You call me once in a while and I'll make you any yard decoration you desire from 100% recycled materials. (I can't promise it'll be quite as neat as that flower...but, $180!!!!).
p.s. if the family's last name is McMenamin...then the business needs an apostophy "s"...if their last name is McMenamins...The way I understand it is, the name should have an "s" apostrophy. ie: McMenamins'...anyway, I'm usually wrong, and probablly am again in this case.
P.S, - This is what part of the alphabet would look like if "Q" and "R" were eliminated.