Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forgot to Pick up Kettle Korn,

Hay Ride., originally uploaded by apkoski.

but otherwise our trip out to The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island was just about perfect! Paul had Columbus Day off (yesterday, you un-patriots!) so we made the most of it. That meant taking the opportunity to go get a pumpkin without parking a mile from the barn, without paying $1.50/pound, without getting muddy up to our knees, and without tromping through fields of pumpkins that had "done been picked through."

Oh yeeeeahhhhh...

We got one.

Nevermind. The stem (the best part) broke.

Must find a new one. Where to look?!

Ok, now we're good. Kisses.

Hay ride, petting animal barn, & market were fun too! Just forgot that Kettle Korn...

Now off to see Aunt Marci for dinner! We are about to work hard on her to babysit. A bedtime babysit. We are not afraid.

Aren't those sibs cute together?


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