Friday, October 09, 2009

A Letter to the Fans

Dear Eagerly Anticipating in ______,

Good news has arrived at your doorstep; I have just finished writing my first Push-ups & Playdates post. But then... then I read the program for my fitness workshop taking place tomorrow, and one of the most well-known experts in our field, Dr. Len Kravitz, will be speaking on the very topic I was about post about. I KNOW. What are the odds....

So tonight, instead of posting my first ever Push-ups & Playdates (which I worked on during the better part of two naptimes) only to regret missing out on sharing all the good stuff I will be learning tomorrow, I will delay the release until Sunday (sorry, celebrating our Anniversary Saturday night).

Nonetheless, I feel inclined to at least introduce the topic as to whet your appetite (or to create a life-long aversion to my ranting and preaching on all things exercise- and health-related). See attached.

The slowest writer ever.


Many fitness myths have been formed, clung to, debunked, and subsequently desperately clung to over the years. One like no other is the Fat Burn myth, perpetuated by "fat burn" programming on cardiovascular equipment, poorly informed exercise professionals, and the vast availability victims, young-to-middle-age women.

That's right fellow xx's, us. We are slaves to the fat burn program, and don't you try to deny it! Too many times I have seen us fall into its ugliness; we go to the gym, get out our magazine, our iPod, climb aboard the elliptical trainer and start slogging along at breakneck slow. Because we are burning fat, the mortal enemy.

Ladies. We are such suckers.
For the answers to your fat loss prayers, please return Sunday evening. Cheers!

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