Friday, August 14, 2009

Midwest Tour, Part 4

The end of our Midwest trip (a week ago already) took place in St Louis, which is where the camera died. So-o, we have exactly two (2) photos of kiddo and Grandpa at the pool.

In STL Paul's parents gave us a tour of their fitness center, Lifetime Fitness, which is amazingly huge and beautiful. There is granite everywhere, the snack bar has actual real foods, and they have at least 3 pools and 900 treadmills. We got to try out one of those pools, and it was fun. Paul & I went down the big slides; raced a couple times. He won. More mass.

I wish we had more photos of St Louis because Adelaide had turned that house into her own playground pretty quickly and it was pretty funny. Hopefully G&G have a few to share?

Jump over our crazy flight home, doing laundry, getting back onto a sleep schedule, and waiting for the car seat to be found & returned. Yesterday I met my birth class friends at the park and we played and had snacks. Orion & Gabe are also 14 months old, and you can tell.

For example, they know where their belly buttons are.

And sometimes they're not afraid to cuddle somebody else's mom.

And they know how to crawl through the tunnel. Or just sit.
Next week, play date at the zoo!

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