Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Midwest Tour, Part 1

Today we find ourselves in the not-too-hot (and "between spectacular and comfortable dew point") Mid-America. And it's no myth, there's lots of corn out here.

We spent the first 3 days of the week in lovely Columbia, however we did not watch the 4 am news there, so I'm not sure how the weather stacked up. It was nice enough to go for a morning run and not have sweat drip off your elbows. It was also nice enough to run amongst the trees and grass, and not be chased by a dozen deer flies.

It was also nice enough to go to the Farmers Market and get some vegetables. See, Dad & Sandi actually plan their grocery shopping to not get the peppers and asparagus from Mexico because they are available at the FM. And another cool thing is that they can get there and home again in under an hour. Twice. ;)
And another good thing is that they give out free noodle samples. She's in heaven.
Look at those midwestern wimps. Umbrellas.

And more corn. Truckloads.

I didn't know till recently that there was no apostrophe in Farmers Market, so sorry for all those prior references to the FM that included apostrophes.

Ok, more on Columbia later. For God's sake, people, hang on to your hats.

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