Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carnival -- Let's DANCE!

Happy Mardi Gras! All those years of living down south and we didn't come away with any keeper beads. Not that any of them are worth keeping, unless you can inspect each necklace at arm's length and recall, "I got that one by lifting my shirt/skirt," and I can honestly say that I've never had the pleasure of doing that.

So what's a Yankee with a brief stint in the Deep South to do on a holiday such as this? Besides wear some purple, gold, and green, find some Boilt Crawfish to suck on! At Safeway today, I reached for a styrafoam tray of 8 boiled crawfish priced at $4, and scoffed. On Friday afternoons when the Seafood Market sign would flash "Hot Crawfish," Paul & I used to stop off and pick up a grocery bag full of them, along with a sixer of something easy to guzzle. Safeway probably doesn't use Zatarain's anyway.

In lieu of celebrating in traditional carnival-like fashion, I instead decided to learn the Slumdog Millionaire dance. I have NO business dancing; not even faux hip-hop or Bollywood. Nonetheless, the dance is coming along quite nicely. Inside I am bursting for Paul to ask for a demonstration...

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