Monday, March 02, 2009

Somebody's Been Reading the Blog

We received two strands of Mardi Gras Beads in the mail Saturday. Real ones, like, from New Orleans. They've given Adelaide many consecutive minutes of fun; maybe 10 in a row even! See?

Thank you Mia!

I guess the beads are a sign of Spring, as are strewn Easter candy wrappers, and the need for an occasional smoothie.

Also slowly producing more for Etsy and starting to think about more bibs for Plue. Here's part of the last batch, in mundane form. (The bibs look much better on. And when did they get so small? They look silly on my 9-month-old.)


Marci said...

My niece is the CUTEST!!! I hope Paul told you that I'm likely to drive up for a short visit at the end of March - I can't wait to see you guys! And the bibs are really cute - do you make adult sizes? I'm partial to the one with pink elephants... :oP

Anonymous said...

ooooo SHE likes purple!