Saturday, February 21, 2009

Doing Civic Duty

Did I forget to mention my shopping trip last Sunday? It was the figurative icing, intentional or not, far as V-Day goes in our house. Nicely situated in the Pearl are a multitude of women's fitness apparel shops, so I shopped for "work" clothes, and made a little stop at Anthro for those cute bowls I've been admiring for the past couple years. All under 3 hours -- a new long in our house. I was the only shopper at Lucy, and was treated very nicely. Also took care of opening an exercise professional account there and at Lululemon. SO excited to use my discounts!

And I guess we're the bargain hunters, not the hunker downers. A new mattress and vehicle are both on the horizon. AND we need a better way to keep baby's food. Right now we serve in half-cup ramekins and other porcelin 'pinch' bowls, and store them in the fridge covered with saran wrap, or in our smallest tupperware boxes (two tablespoons of mashed whatever in a 2-cup box just takes up space). We're looking at the BabyCubes and these Tellfresh Boxes. Anyone remember what you used?

Here's one more image, just because it's too cute to skip!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember this gadget, and couldn't do without it.
It came in handy when I had all four wisdom teeth pulled at once, too.

Mimi said...

I made a bunch of food at once and froze it in ice-cube trays. Then I stored the blocks in plastic bags in the freezer and pulled out whatever I needed (2 cubes rice, one cube peas, once cube peaches...). I also stored leftovers in the teeny-tiny disposable (but not really) ziploc boxes. They're the size of pinch bowls, but come with lids.