Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well. It's already mid-January. The new president is here, my flu is now one week long gone, and we've just been to Paradise and back. Paul's Grandma Ellen was an excellent hostess; coaxed us to have seconds/thirds, helped us bundle up when we went outside, made sure we didn't read in the dark or sit too close to the tv, and ensured that we enjoyed ourselves on Leftover Liquor Sunday. Too sweet.

Now it's time to plan the rest of the year, clean extra hard, get in shape, deliver a trunk-load to Goodwill, and replace some of it with shiny new, operable stuff. The latter is at the top of our list right now. But we are waiting patiently; I always forget about the lull of sales in January. Retailers are so kind, giving us the month to un-Max our credit cards. I digress.
Tell me though, is now a good time to replace our crappy Target floor lamp with a nice "big kid" lamp (AKA, one worth more than $20)? The baby shows some signs of being able to crawl someday and is also practicing her Balancing on Two Feet act. Its very cute but she's already bonking her head daily.Oy, growing pains!

- A


Anonymous said...

[a nice "big kid" lamp (AKA, one worth more than $20]

Does this mean we might be going to IKEA?

Or somewhere really, really snazzy?

LillieBug said...

You should wait until she tips it over and breaks the lamp--then you will need a new one. This philosophy also works well for spit-up stained sweaters, and pretty much anything else you would like to replace.