Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas Trip : Success

Friday night late we arrived back to a slightly snowy Portland, having chalked up a ski trip, a Farkle tournament, a day of flu, a sugar cookie fiesta (my own personal party), a stay in the Danny DeVito room, a yoga class, and a nice sandblasted hike.

I forgot to mention several screechy mid-night awakenings (people who can sleep with their kid in bed - or in the same room - are deaf, I tell you).

Oh - and NO line at the airline ticket counter! AND the baby slept on the plane on the way home. Hallelujah!!!

Here is a photo journal of our Colorado Christmas trip:


Yoga Class

Sing along

Hanging with Dad

Farkle Practice

Rockin' with Grandmother

More games


Uncle Luke's Downhill Ski Face

Tyleen's house



mattnashley said...

"That other game" is that "Go"?

Anne & Paul said...

No, but it's similar. You should ask Luke. He played. (But you have to join Facebook. He thinks email is for work.)