Saturday, October 18, 2008

Swinging Out

Swinging, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Where did we leave off last time? Oh yeah, the gluttony post.
Since then everybody around here has been enjoying fall like gangbusters. With the exception of winter here, every season seems to make it's presence known in some pleasing way. With fall, its the cool mornings and smell of decaying leaves that gets me... and football... and early sunsets... sweaters and fleece.

And making grown-up cider.

And lots of apples.

Until the rain stays we'll spend more time outside taking walks, picking flowers (& not, ahem, eating them), and plenty of time swinging.

When the rain decides to stay I'll finally finish organizing.

And go Christmas shopping!



mattnashley said...

Grown up cider...need recipe!
I use 5 gallons of no additives, pasteurized, 100% apple juice + 2 lbs corn sugar(shaken vigorously in 1/2 full apple juice container, 1 lb at a time) + 1 packet of redstar Montrechet wine yeast + 4 weeks in fermenter. Bottle or keg as usual.
very clean, VERY dry, and appley(is that a word?)

Anonymous said...