Monday, October 20, 2008

Ran Like H E double-hockey sticks

Hooray for all the silly people who want to run a half marathon! Getting up before dawn on Sunday is so much easier when you know there is beer and hot wings awaiting you at the finish line (at 9-ish am).

Start line on Broadway (me in black, lower left)

My second-biggest fan (Paul out-weighs her...)

Me & my banana, halfway.

Finish line - a blur!!!

Run Like Hell Half

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Laurraine Yuyama said...

Hi Anne, I am just responding to your question on my blog: I think you will have to experiment at first to get the transfers to work out right. Since I do not have the same paper as you, the time may be different. I ironed mine probably only for about 10 seconds with a hot iron and very firm pressure but always moving the iron back and forth along the ribbon. I hope this helps :o)