Monday, October 01, 2007


That was the sound we heard after applying our accent color to the doors last week. Of course, the most annoying yet critical part of exterior painting has stalled us. Whatever.

Paul nailed it when made a circus or clown reference upon first sight. The crappy thing is that now we have a quart of that color. Yup, we got cocky. Back to the paint store for some sample quarts! Any color suggestions, or are you sick of this too?

Also, evident by an unattended AM boot camp class today, I will safely declare that fall has officially arrived here in the PNW. It cools off, the Gorge Winds come, it rains, gets light later - seemingly exponentially. So instead of leading a workout, I shuffled around under an Oak and picked up acorns. A quick stop at T. for a pretty bowl and some autumn mix candy corn, and Voila!

A whole bowl full, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Happy, happy, etc.

Also finished meager baby gifts from early summer arrivals. I'm hoping those bibs fit around 5-month old necks. This patchwork combo was really fun to make!