Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Aaaahhhnniversary

Halfway, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Well, we made it through #7! Saturday night we went out to Lauro Kitchen for dinner, and then picked up a yummy dessert from Pix. It was a romantic evening.
We exchanged cards on Sunday, and Paul added a stack of beautiful chocolates to mine. (We'd already agreed to go together to get a 'gift' for ourselves - no, not lame!)

Yesterday, on Paul's day off, we hiked in the Gorge on a new trail: the Horsetail Falls Trail. We passed 4 waterfalls, I think. Good hike. :)

In other life, we have almost settled on a new accent paint color for the doors. Actually, I should say that we're lobbying one another for a particular color. Agreement is coming soon... that's what 7 years of marriage has taught us, right?

I'm also hoping for my first real Personal Training Client. I've opened up the idea of virtual training, for those farther away who may be looking for a reliable, knowledgeable trainer. Paul has urged me to continue pushing the web page and helping web crawlers find it, so I'm putting the link on my blog. If you want, you could do the same!

I'm also working on a couple potential ideas for and Etsy store, including a name (AGAIN!). No picture-worthy ones yet. I know, exciting life.


devinemom said...

Happy #7 wow! I love that you two are always off on a hike of two. We need to get out there again for a few miles before everything is covered in snow or ice.

I will continue to spread the word on your wonderful new business. It will all come together soon.

101 S. Marion Avenue said...


and tell us - Wha'd'ya get?