Friday, October 05, 2007

Fall & All

Dining in the Season, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Three day weekend! Yahoo!!!!!
Oh. Wha? Ohhhhhhhhhh. YOU must not work for the Feds. Bummer for you ;)
Monday is Columbus Day, silly! It will be a relatively normal day for me, but Mr. P gets to wallow in his paid 8 hours in honor of the great Mr. C.
In addition, this weekend commemorates exactly 7 years of married bliss for the two of us. We got married on a Saturday, and stayed home on that Monday, unwrapping wedding gifts and eating leftovers.
This year, the Monday After will be spent taking a nice hike somewhere fairly nearby. We are looking forward to an excellent fall leaf display. We'll let you know how it all goes.

Oh - almost forgot! In my professional life, I launched my Personal Training web site called Fitness Fix. If you build it, right? I'm not 100% satisfied or done with it, but hopefully it provides useful information for potential clients. If you think you know of any in the Portland, OR area, please shove them my way!


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