Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What we did LAST weekend - never gonna catch up!

On Saturday we jogged, went to the grocery store, and then... hmmmm.
Anyway, somewhere in there I studied, Paul cleaned the bathroom, and we watched the latest Harry Potter DVD. It was fun b/c it was one of the first times Paul was able to balke at the poor justice movies versions of great books do for the story.
Sunday was a beautiful day! It was a little breezy, warm, and sunny. In the morning I studied some more, and Paul tried to fix the baseboard in our living room. He'd have to tell you about how that went. After lunch he wanted to go to a local park to practice throwing his lacrosse ball and readjust the new laces on his stick. I went with him (to study) & took the camera. It was great to get outside & not get dripped/spit/misted on!
After taking this picture and some others, I decided that maybe it's time for a more powerful camera. We got our 1st digital six or seven years ago. The megapixies are holding me back (I like to crop)! Anyway, this one turned out okay w/o cropping. I think if you click on it, you can see a bigger image. I was on the wrong side in relationship to the sun, Paul is teeny, and those stupid posts were in the way (other than that, I like it!). But, he's on the R-H third and the lower 3rd line. I learned that the third lines are good positions for subjects at my Creating Keepsakes send-off mega-crop last weekend (that's scrapbooking, all you non-crafters). That's worth another whole post; but now my study break's up!



chris said...

Good to see you guys updating the blog more regularly.

Gotta love those sunny days in P-town!


Jay W. said...


Jay here. I'd like to call and catch up. What's your current phone number? I'm still at jahmon@cableone.net.

Much to say and ask.


Jay W.