Monday, March 06, 2006

Hi Mom!

Wow, I was on TV last week! That was an odd, interesting, fun little event. Being someone who used to hate getting my picture taken when I was younger, I can't believe I went with the intent of doing that!
AM Northwest is a local morning show on the abc channel KATU2. That lady in black on the left was the interview person - she's about 6 feet tall! Then Erin, right next to me (not the Munchkin), the Baby Boot Camp Director, is about 5'(+1"?) tall! That was a fun interview to watch.
It was pretty fun, but we must have done about 30 lunges on the same cheek for the long segment (they don't want any 'down time'). OW!
If you come visit us, you too can see the exciting footage.

Okay, good study break!


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