Tuesday, September 08, 2009


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Something I've done too little of lately. There are many reasons.

For one, our house has been slammed by Toddler. Vaccine has side effects, its better to just ride it out. Her favorite things right now are "die-die!" (Outside), and "djabagduk" (garbage truck), and "wheeeeee!" (whee!). There are once-bitten cherry tomatoes strewn about our yard, veritable landmines for Mr P.

Oh, and I've been spending my 3 free hours per day on sewing... er, cutting. I cut, and press, and cut. The sewing room is next to the nursery; I'm convinced that the baby will wake up if I sew during nap time.

And I was riding in a van or running for about 50 hours since the last time I posted. Sorry there's no pictures of anyone actually running. I was a poor photo documentarian, partly due to my low ISO issues. But that's another fundraiser for another time. (um, Maybe Christmas?) Anyway, you'll get the gist here and here.

And I've been makin' food. Lots of food. The weather begged it: Rhubarb Bread, Moosewood's basic bread, granola bars, Chicken Tikka Masala, big salad night with homemade honey mustard dressing. All are yu-um.

See ya sooner than later!

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