Sunday, September 20, 2009

First at The Island

For four years we've driven past the bridge, heard about the pumpkin patch traffic jams, sent regrets for its Thursday night farm concerts, but until today had never set foot on Sauvie Island. Ta-da, we made it! Though its nothing like it, Sauvie is the closest thing to Ocracoke Island I've seen... maybe just because it's an island.

It was a foggy morning

at the beach.

But then it broke.

We went on a 15-minute 'hike,' picked blackberries and saw a neat plant.

We went to the Farm. Had some flame-roasted corn, dipped in a crock pot of melted butter...

Met the farm dog.

Looked at flowers, thought about U-Picking... didn't.
We'll have to come back for a pumpkin, wagon ride, and a honey dripper (Ours never made it into the bag).

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Christina said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend to go. I was just dreaming of places we could go this year for pumpkins that did not include the island. going on the weekend is no longer fun for us, it's crazy. but i'm sure we will be out there with alena's class one one of these afternoons.