Monday, May 04, 2009

Same Story Different Day

Only 4 Miles To Go!, originally uploaded by apkoski.

OF COURSE, it's raining. It wouldn't feel right to run a half marathon without a nice steady rain! My first half was 3 years ago in June: rainy and cold. My second was last October: Rainy and cool. And now we're here in Eugene. Hooray!

To friends who couldn't make it, you were missed. To Paul & Adelaide, thanks for putting up with the rain, getting lost, and dragging your butts across Oregon for me.

Some fun things:

  • This is the first race I've run that has bands playing throughout the course. A little Pink Floyd goes a long way.
  • And fans! Oh, the crowd! It is definitely the biggest (road race) spectator group I've ever run in front of. It makes me cry.
  • I passed an old guy who had Sharpeed on his race number, "#98: X marathon, #99: Eugene Marathon, #100: Maui Marathon." I was going to shake his hand but he had socks in one and food in the other.
  • We got to see some of beautiful Eugene, the famous Hayward Field, and eat at Cafe Yumm. Dangit, missed Prince PĆ¼cklers.

Today we're all recovering and (I'm) reveling in self-satisfaction; napping, not exercising, drinking hot chocolate out of demitasse. Where's my Bon-Bons?!


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Nicole said...

Wow! Very impressive to be able to run a 1/2 marathon! LOL on the socks in one hand, food in the other. :)

Thank you for entering my contest. I wanted to come check you out.