Saturday, May 02, 2009

Apologies to the Peets Peeps

I am writing my sincerest apology to the lovely Thursday morning relaxing child-free, lap top using, business meeting, trying to enjoy retirement, men and women of Peets on Hawthorne for my precarious dismounting and mounting of my child to and from our Ergo baby carrier. It has been over 10 months since I have reviewed said apparatus instructions of solo loading for back carrying position, and have, for the last few months, been attempting the two-person loading procedure for back carrying position, with much luck and little deftitude, by myself.

Reliving your pause in conversation, gaping stares, whipping heads, the barista rushing around the counter crying "What can I do?! Do you need help?," my quiet businesswoman neighbor attempting to lessen the awkwardness and absurdity of the potential crisis at hand offering, "I only tried carrying my kids in front," I have realized the udder wrongness of my technique. Furthermore, I have been motivated to take a refresher course in the Ergo baby Carrier single-person back loading procedures and am becoming talented and deft at the much safer maneuver.
Sorry and thank you,
The mom who likes to push her kid really high on the swing

Adelaide has never fallen out; just seems to be a difficult and potentially dangerous way of loading her. Its just very strenuous and involves the baby being responsible for her own balance. Here's the right way, if you're interested, for the solo hip loading to back procedures.


Paul Souders said...

I have to load/unload Orion while I'm sitting down. Jenny can do it while standing but she's bendier than I am.

Anonymous said...

Does the outcome of this event involve stitches or ice packs?