Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy .5

Happy one-half Birthday today, baby Adelaide! Learning about Elvish name translations via the Chicken, I found out her name (the derivative, Adele) is Arwen (like of Middle Earth). Despite the JRR Tolken reference, Paul & I love the name!! Maybe we can sneak it in as a nickname somehow.

Miss A's special day was capped off with a enjoyable afternoon. Adelaide tasted Avocado and decided Bananas are still tops, just behind mamas milk. Then we took a walk to Woodstock Village, satisfied our future late night popcorn needs with a 1 pound bag of kernels from Safeway, and then visited the grand opening of Plue, "a neighborhood children's store."

I had arranged to sell some of my sewn goods through them so it was fun to see them on display (top shelf). Adelaide was impressed to silence by all the people and colorful sights in the store.


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