Friday, November 14, 2008


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Adelaide has been working on her sitting skills, and much to her chagrin, is not always successful. The key is balance, as it is with everything. If you eat spaghetti with bechamel sauce one day, work out a little harder and eat a bit less the next. If you're having a really busy week, you should inject a couple extra intentional breaks into it. If you lean back and lose your balance, throw your arms and legs out to keep from tipping over. You get the idea. Homeostasis.

Why is it then, that everything tends to happen in great big chunks of stuff?

"Ok, after 4 years of the same haircut, change it to ttttthis one, nnnnow. I found it in a magazine about an hour ago."

"Why, yes, a 5 pm interview fits into my schedule."

"Oh, my tire's flat? Of course I can change it myself! Rain & the screaming baby in the back seat just make it more of a fun challenge."

"Sure I can sew all that for you in 2 weeks. What, do you think I sleep?"

Piled on top of the normal stuff:
"Oh, that's just a little (8") puddle of spit-up (at the Post Office counter). I can tell it's making you uncomfortable so I'll clean it up before I pay you."

"I know you want a kiss Paul, but between the cat's daily facials and Adeaide's chin sucking, I don't think I can fit you in."

"Yeah, what is for dinner?"

We are back to normal again.

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