Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Value of One Hand

, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Here lies a 12-pound baby. If she is not lying on her back losing hair, or on her tummy squawking, or in any various baby containment apparatus, she is in arms. This creates challenging tasks for a holder's once-simple activities. Try typing an email using one hand, or fixing breakfast, or going to the bathroom. Huh?
Anyway, what I've created may revolutionized diaper changes away from home, and also help lessen the need for disposable and plasticized changing mats. Prepare yourselves...

for the One-handed Diaper Change Travel Mat!*


Roll Mat

Roll Strap

Fasten Velcro


Now in reverse!

No, I'll spare you. Maybe these will end up in my etsy shop someday.


* made from 100% cotton.

PS - For demonstration purposes only, the opposite hand held a camera rather than a baby.