Friday, August 15, 2008

Hop Shortage? I Think Not!

Tis the season in the Pacific Northwest. The rest of the homebrewing world may be suffering from high hop costs, but here at your local A&P, hops are plentiful. This is my third year with these two vines, one Cascade and one Willamette. This year is by far the most productive. I figure I have about 3X last years yield, so I should have about a pound and a half of dried hoppy goodness. The only down side is the loss of some great shade the vines provided on top of the arbor. To my bro-in-law, you can expect a few ounces of koski-cascades in the mail one of these days to brew with. I just need to do some picking, drying, and vacuum sealing first. If anybody is eager to try a fresh, ultra hoppy IPA in about 5 weeks, feel free to stop on by. It's on my to-do list within the next couple of weeks!

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mattnashley said...

Woo Hoo!!! That 3rd to last sentence was my favorite. I've got the Amarillo IPA in secondary. Hard to wait.