Monday, May 05, 2008

**disclaimer** & Review

This is so cheating, but I just spent a good 20 minutes writing this review at the site we got out stroller from, and when they offered to publish it on our blog, I said "Sure, free post!"

I have to admit that we've actually only used the stroller a couple of times (because there's nobody around but friends'/family's kids to coax into it so far), but have learned a lot in those experiences! So even though the review is written in present-tense (suggesting that we put our child in it and use it on a regular basis), it's still all true, and will be corroborated shortly.

My Review of Performance Series 2007 Single Jogging Stroller

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The Performance Series jogging strollers features the only one-piece frame in the industry, which means there are no hinges or joints that may weaken from frequent and intense use. The large wheels of the jogging stroller allow for easy pushing while on your Sunday jog, and its shock absorption sys...

It Rolls

By Annie Walnuts from Portland, OR on 5/5/2008

4out of 5

Pros: Comfortable, Fairly easy to set up, Sturdy, Durable, Easy to steer, Lightweight

Cons: Space Taker

Best Uses: Running, Walks in the neighborhood

Describe Yourself: Fitness Professional, Running Mom, First Time Parent

This stroller is great for us! We are recreational athletes, running between 15-35 miles per week. The stroller is balanced well for easy turning, rolls over curbs & bumps well, and is very lightweight. Wish the handlebars were adjustable...

We normally don't travel with this stroller. It's simple to break down (rear wheels' quick release is awesome), but assembling is a little tough on my muscles and coordination. Also, it's just a LONG stroller, even when broken down: with all wheels off, it just barely fits in our nearly empty trunk (21"H x 36"Deep x 53"W).

We were also considering the BOB Ironman and the Tyke Tech ATX, but bought this one because of its bigger wheels, bigger canopy, and more durable/reliable parts (based on friends' experiences with 2005-2007 models of the other strollers).

Oh, almost forgot -

Six-ish weeks to go.



Amy said...

The right jogging stroller is a key ingredient to keeping your sanity and running in tact in the first few years. Looks like a good one!

PS - We haven't met so don't take this as too personal a comment but you look fantastic for only 6 weeks to go.


Happy (early) Mothers Day!

Anonymous said...

6 lb. 4 oz.

gina lee said...

So, you have the stroller! yay! Also liked your sandwich post, yum! I look forward to seeing you again soon - for sure on friday. Have a great day (addison actually 'went' on the potty today, two #1's and one partial #2 - just thought I'd share my mom excitement to prepare you that one day you too will be excited about someone else's bowel movements) :)

Anonymous said...

Looking good for 6 more weeks! The baby must gain a lot of weight that last month. Lauren had to have hers 6 weeks early. Little Kincade was born 4lbs 4oz, but both of them are doing well.