Friday, May 09, 2008

More Making

Lots of things to make - to keep us going and so we have the energy to make more things.
Beer has been made, although not technically done making until it's carbonated in a week or 2.

Beer Project, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Lots more sandwiches have been made. I missed documentation of the tomato & pepper jack with mustard. It's been that warm outside lately. :)

A yummy brefis. As in, -"Y'all got brefis?" ... as in "Might your establishment serve breakfast?"

Other stuff needs to be made:
- rocking chair upholstery
- mama skirts for the 90-degree weather next week
- the baby's quilt that will hopefully be loved and carried around for a long time (unless it turns out funny-looking).
- the stack of other projects I've started and never finished.

I will soon be made OUT and ready for some sustaining.


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