Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Sandwich Lady Cometh

That's right, as Paul put it this morning, most of my current spoken interests circulate around comfortable sleep and food. Right now I'm all over the sandwich. Smoothies are still around, but not always every day anymore. Creativity is needed to avoid the listeria-ous lunch meat.

First, one of the best:

Spinach cream cheese anchovies zucchini pepper cheddar bread toasted, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Here we have black bean hummus with avocados, pepper jack cheese, and mixed greens on Western Hazelnut.

And Camel Pocket filling (chickpeas in spicy/paprika sauce with onions, garlic, and feta cheese) with spinach on some kind of wheat.

Coming soon: Toasted Peanut butter & banana, hard boiled egg with spinach on pumpernickel, broiled zucchini and onions with cheddar, grilled. Now I must go work on that frosting for the cake (stupid Talking Heads!).


* All sandwiches contain mayonnaise, of course.

1 comment:

Marci said...

MMMMMMMmmmmmmm...leave out the anchovies and I'm fine with everything else! You're such a gourmet - you put my Lean Cuisine microwave pizza heating ass to shame. Sigh!