Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Instead of languidly succumbing to my normal post-lunch nap, today I've decided to post. ...about nothing earth-shattering (remember, I'm doing this to stay awake, & not to entertain you).

I just reserved myself an eMailorder from Kingpod. Maybe you'll receive a special X-acto Valentine from moi.

A tut. on how to make an old spice tin pretty & usable for other functions besides holding spices has been swimming around in my mind. Oh - but I'm sure that's already been done, and besides, there's a cat on my lap. So here's what they look like when they're all done! A cinch.

Pencil Tins, originally uploaded by apkoski.

And finally, mild proof that there might actually be someone inside of me. (Don't expect these updates frequently).

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mattnashley said...

Lay off the homebrew ANNE! :)