Friday, December 14, 2007


"She eats and poops just like a real baby! Feed her or give her a bottle, and then get ready to change her messy diaper! She's ready to play, laugh and talk with you, and you will love taking care of her! When she is hungry you can mix up some of her special food! She really eats and tells you how she likes it with fun phrases like, Mmm..good! She'll even tell you it's time to change her diaper when she says, Uh-oh, I made a stinky! When BABY ALIVE is tired, she gets drowsy and falls asleep! Doll comes with dress, 2 doll diapers, bottle with nipple and cap, bowl, spoon, 4 packets of doll food and bib."
Gee, thanks, Doc. ;)

- A


LillieBug said...

Well, I just can't wait to meet him or her! Congratulations!

devinemom said...

oh i love this video. I wish they did a little something like this with two years ago.

I can not wait until June!