Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Answer

OK, apologies. There is no porridge. There is a spoon... but no porridge. That's right, you've been duped into another one of my rants. For several years now, I've been eating my 'light meals' and portions (soups, beans, yogurt, ice cream) out of our lovely how-did-we-ever-like-that-pattern Pier 1 mugs. Assuming they petite, I felt comfortable filling it more than half full of whatever I was attempting to have 'a bit' of. WELL.
Last week I got the bright idea to actually measure the volume of each dish; soup/pasta bowl, cereal bowl, and mug. Guess what? They all hold the same amount of liquid: 2 cups! Sonofabitch, if you pardon. Actually, the mug held just over 1/8 cup less than the others. Still, gaa! So mystery anonymous person, you were right - it was a trick question. Isn't it amazing how easily any innocent person can be deceived?
Stay tuned for further research into the nutritional content of 2 Cups of various foods. Maybe this portion control issue - and not baseball - should be brought before congress. It's a crime, I tell you!
Isn't ignorance bliss?

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Anonymous said...

YOU have W-A-Y -Y too much time on your hands, girl.