Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Itza Party News & Other

Garden Party, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Sunday Paul & I held a little BBQ for several good causes, including an Imperial IPA tapping, his birthday, my un-graduation, and the official unveiling of our new(-ish) patio and arbergola!
The gang was all - pretty much - here, and Mary's picnic basket got a workout (full of 'vintage' toys). Paul's big gift, AKA his new toy, was a Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe, a giant rolling grill and smoker combo. Uf, maybe we should have built a bigger patio.

Now that the party's over, we're looking toward the next party: Hood to Coast with The Bubbas! Wonder what you get when you put 13 Bubbas on a plane? We'll be enjoying ourselves all weekend between Hood & Coast, and at our little teeny beach house that sleeps 8. It's not about the bed.

Finding myself on campus yesterday, I decided to try and find something to buy from the PSU bookstore before my 'membership' runs out. I saw this book, "Wordless Diagrams," so neat0 - but didn't pick it up.
Sigh. So I'll be presenting my thesis defense next Thursday, a couple days after we get back from the Big Race. It will be nice to have school more or less done, but that means I'll be forced to take that big step out into the world... again.
Anyway, it's nap time. I hab a colb.


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LillieBug said...

Good luck on the HTC Bubbas! Hope you have a lot of fun! James says to wave as you pass him by!