Friday, August 31, 2007

August.... where ya at?

August... Colorado, lots of BBC classes, book club, birthday party, Hood to Coast, Thesis defense, baby shower...
It'll probably be September by the time I finish writing this.

To wrap up the Hood to Coast, we had a blast on a weekend filled with some of the oddest occurrences.
  • A Buck (yes, I'm sure; lots of horns... antlers?) put its head down and sprinted toward me (Anne) on a narrow footbridge located on the Springwater trail in Gresham while running my first leg of the relay. I will forever remember being informed by a Nike Germany team member, "Itzee deeah!"
  • A "failure to obey traffic control device" violation was cited at approximately 0242 am on Saturday, August 25th. Bail was posted by The Bubbas in then amount of approximately $223. Thank you, Bubbas.
  • Over the weekend, a world record was set for the word "Bubba" being spoken over 2000 times. (We can read lips.)
  • Together The Bubbas stimulated the local economy by spending approximately $7000 on transportation, room, and board over a 5-day period. Ugh, nevermind.
  • We had such a fun time - The Bubbas are a blast! More pictures are here, here and here.

As you saw, the Bubbas were in uniform, at least for group photos. My "Carrot Soup" Hudson's Treasure Chest special T-shirt (thank you Donna) came to me just a wee large, so I revised it. Just wanted to share the process - a quick crafty, county fair-esque project.
Step 1.
Trace the desired-fitting t-shirt outline onto the Carrot Soup shirt.
Step 2.
Stitch on the lines.

Step 3.
Cut off the excess, hem sleeves and bottom.

Step 4.
Apply name tag; start running.

Weekend plans: Paul & I will be seeking out Fall tribal fishing salmon tomorrow, for smoking in the King Sunday. Cross your fingers (that we find a fish, prepare it correctly, and don't get sick)
Oh yeah, we'll also continue celebrating the completion of my Master's Thesis defense and permission for graduation - yay me.
Happy holiday!


*Special thanks to Marci Simpson - er, Koski, for so artistically Simpsonizing our images, which can be viewed in the previous post. Your magnificent rendition of us in yellow will never be lost again.

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