Thursday, January 04, 2007


Grandma's Aprons, originally uploaded by apkoski.

For my birthday my grandma mailed me a bunch of her & her mother's old aprons. Earlier last summer I received a box full of my mom's and grandmas' sewing patterns from my sister.
It's a wonderful thing, becoming a family-recognized sewer/crafter, though I haven't exactly made a plan for the collections yet. Do I wear the aprons or preserve their delicate heritage? If not, should I display them somehow? As for the patterns, I'm sifting through and choosing a couple to try. I've already set aside a women's smock pattern (that happens to have a matching 'child' size pattern). Funny, the size I'm cutting out is 12 bigger than the courtesy sizes I purchase at stores. Wow, we (21st century Americans) are huge!
I guess an update will be in order when I get there. Wish me many hours of happy stitching this year!

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