Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Coasters, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Nothing signifies the advancement of time like an announcement of passing of the president who was in office at my birth. It cries, "you're no spring chicken now!" The last swift kick in the pants I received was back in 1998. I graduated, turned 23, got booted off my parent's insurance plan and donation list, and watched a new year turn over within 2 weeks. Welcome to the cruel, cruel, world, baby. I skated without health insurance for about 6 months until my dad found out and "highly recommended" that I purchase a plan.

Even though last week I read in "Glamour" magazine that 68% of us don't plan to make resolutions for '07 (it's no longer cool, you know), I can't help feeling some renewed direction around this time of year. The spices/cleaning supplies 'Stock Up" list is on the fridge, and I'm formulating a garden & sewing 'to do' agenda in my head. I'm also starting to organize a race training plan, and preparing for the final countdown toward a campus wellness fair (Living in Balance) for which I'm co-organizing.

But that's not all, folks. No, this year is going to be a big one. A "make-or-break," as they say. And not one of those, "This will be the year that I'm going to..." Nope. Something will happen. No "Willpower" needed.

The big deal is that I'm performing thesis research for the next 2 terms, and then planning to graduate in June. Yahoo! That means I have to once again figure out what to do with my life. Please tread lightly on this topic. I'll be sure to tell everyone when I figure it out.
Well, I thought I had a nice list of biggies, but I guess that's it. Happy New Year, everyone!



devinemom said...

I must say that both Daniel and I love the coasters!

A&P said...

Yay, good! Glad you are - can't wait to see your creations.