Friday, November 03, 2006

Ladies, may I see your IDs?

Really? Sure!
That was the exchange a couple weeks ago between the waiter and our group. I didn't think it would ever come to that point, when we'd cross our fingers under the table every time we ordered a cocktail.
The next thing I didn't expect was to look at pictures of myself in college (not that long ago), and think that I looked younger -- and chubbier, Paul lovingly mentioned. It's funny because throughout my '20s, I looked at old pictures and thought, "nope, I still look the same." Not sure when that changed... my 30th b-day?

This picture of Paul was taken on our flight home from his Mom's house in San Francisco in 1997. He'd just gotten his pony tail (yes folks) chopped off, and I love his hair this length. You can still see the curls! I still have that scary hair ball somewhere. His hair's so short now that he's been asked "when he got back from deployment."

This one was taken outside my Grandma V's house in Mt. Pleasant, IA, nearly exactly 10 years ago. Those are 2 of my 3 brothers of various prefixes (step, half, whole, etc.).
Paul let me borrow his VW Fox to drive up & visit one fall weekend (isn't that sweet). I think that's the longest my hair ever got. Isn't it funny how I relate everything to when our hair was a certain length?! Ahh, memories.


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devinemom said...

oh wow! your hair was long. it makes me want to get out a few of the old photos and share then with you... one day maybe.

great photos.