Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fall has Fallen

My, time sure flies when you're working hard! We're doing stuff; Paul was granted permission to help regulate the Willamette 2 weeks ago, about the time it started raining. I have been cranking out papers for school and trying to organize a campus wellness fair, as well as keep my creative mind moving with sewing etc. -- anything to avoid tackling my thesis full-on. Next weekend we're taking a day trip to watch the wild Chum Salmon spawn, and then climb some huge rock.
I've been seeing some beautiful fall images ("beautifall") online lately, and have been meaning to catch a few of my own. So far, the Japanese Maple et al. leaves in my Blue Fescue, and the one above from a few yards down are all I've got. The recent wind and rains have pushed most of the leaves to the ground. I guess we missed the season down South, because we can't stop marveling...


LillieBug said...

How was Beacon Rock? We hiked up Angel's Rest this morning and almost got blown off the side of the mountain. Talk about a windy day! Hope you had fun!

A&P said...

No kidding? It was only windy on the East Face & the top. When we were climbing, we were trying to spot Angel's Rest & Multnomah Falls. It was fun!