Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tomaterns and Pattoes

Oh boy, yesterday I inherited a nice little package from my sister. It's the Mother Load! Now stacked in my craft room are a bunch of sewing patterns that span 3 generations, once belonging to my grandma(s?), my mom, and ourselves, kid years. The oldest were for a dress and an apron dated 1951. The most recent are a bunch of girls ruffley flannel night gown patterns and a Jr. drop-waist dress pattern from 1984-ish. WOW, thanks Mimi! Which one should I try first?

Also on the horizon is figuring out what to do with all these tomatoes -- this is about half. Tomato soup? Canned maters? Salsa? Give them to the neighbors (who have been giving me their tomatoes -- I can't say no!)? Oh yeah, to complicate matters, I'm the only tomato eater in the house. And to confound, we're going on vacation tomorrow, Saturday morning -- anyway, they'll rot by the time we get back. What to make!??



Catherine said...

Anne, you could make pasta and pizza sauce then freeze it. My mom used to make tomato jam (apparently very tasty with a hint of lemon, but I find the concept disgusting!); fry green tomatoes...yummy! And then there's the old pickled green tomatoes! Again, my mom's!

chris said...

Pizza sauce would be a good idea, but make sure you puree them well. I'm with Paul- down with tomatoes.

Thanks for the 'weird' Portland article and note. Things are going pretty well and I can totally relate to your previous post about 'solo time' with Kelly at sea.

I was going to post something about the race awhile back, but the beta blogsite wouldn't let me. Congrats to you guys on doing and finishing it. Talk to you later.

devinemom said...

since you already found a few wonderful uses for the tomatoes i will move onto the patterns and other things.

i can not wait to see what you make of your patterns. i have quite a few that i want to do something with but that would require having a studio to work in...

i would also like to note that your table cloth is still amazing. i see it peeking out in your tomato shot.