Thursday, September 21, 2006

PSA for the Day

Oh, crap, I think we just joined the club. When do I get my magic wattle and swollen ankles? How long 'till all of Paul's hair is gray and he's lecturing me about reading in low light? Maybe the impressive caliber of the event and it's surroundings will counter-balance the former. Alright, let me back up.
Last night we went to a show at the Aladdin Theater with our friend Karl. We saw Mute Math w/Shiny Toy Guns & Jonesetta. For hardly recognizing any of the tunes, it was a great show! We were out 'till 11:00 -- on a Wednesday (hey, not bad!).
The questionable, age-altering, weak moment to which I'm referring above occurred before the show as we were walking to the theater. Karl pulled out a package of ear plugs and offered us each a pair. I accepted immediately, recalling how annoying my ringing ears were during the arbergola-building earlier this month. The 31-year old resisted a little and then agreed, shoving a pair in his pocket. Well, I have to tell you that those things saved my ears' lives. I took them out of my head a few times to hear the crowd and the sound level, each time confirming that they turn the volume up too high! Plus Paul & I agreed that the ear plugs helped hone in on the singer's voice and bass line (which wasn't always a good thing). And then later that night I didn't have to lie awake waiting for the "deafening" hum to subside. I guess the only thing I didn't like about the plugs was that if I felt the urge to 'woooo-ooooo!' or whatever, I wasn't comfortable b/c I could hear myself a little too well. Just applauding felt pretty dorky too - moreso than doing nothing at the end of each song? Not sure. Concert-going experts...?

What a couple of old bags, huh! Luckily I had my hair down so there was no risk of anybody seening the flesh-colored foam sticking out of my ear. Getting them in and out without gaining attention was a little more involved. Poor Paul couldn't hide them at all. No face to save.... maybe we'll thank ourselves (& Karl) later.



chris said...

There is NOTHING uncool or 'old' about wearing earplugs. Trust me. After losing a slight amount of my hearing from not wearing plugs in early concert days (1989-1990), I have never gone back to attending a show without. If I had, I would be toting around my earhorn or hearing aid permanently. Don't believe the hype of the kids who'll all be deaf in a couple of years. BTW how were Shiny Toy Guns? Kelly's gotten into the 'disco' sound after they were playing the Nip/Tuck promo with one of their damn catchy songs. Good to know that you're getting 'cool' in your old age and staying out late.

A&P said...

Hey, thanks old man. Shiny Toy Guns were pretty entertaining, especially the drummer and the keyboard guy. We weren't impressed with all the pre-recorded tracks, but maybe that's typical with the 'disco' sound.Toe-tappin' catchy...

Marci said...

Hey! I'm jealous - I think Shiny Toy Guns is a pretty good band. And no worries about the ear plugs - it's a good idea!