Tuesday, August 22, 2006


This weekend Paul turned 31 (woooooh, or !%^#$@%!, take your pick babe)! Actually, he was wonderfully accepting of his new age (mid-thirties); and of course, accepting of all the great (ahem) gifts and checks that arrived in doggie theme cards.
On Sunday morning, Paul's mom and sister flew back to San Diego. To boot, Paul's aunt and uncle also stopped overnight on Friday from camper camping north of here. It's been nice being a little closer to the western faction of Paul's family.
Well, this summer may go down as the "Summer of Visitors." If I count Paul's Dad & G'ma at Spring Break, we've had 7 different pairs of out-of-town visitors!
It was fun to show everybody around last weekend, casually, to some good spots. Many of the outings and at-home activities involved food, and on multiple occasions we ended up stuffed enough to put on our PJ's (Cha-cha-cha, Burgerville, Kennedy School, homemade birthday cake & ice cream, rhubarb pie, and pizza). We ate good!
So now its back to 'normal' again. I've already cluttered up the guest bedroom again, and we're having a little side salad with/for some meals this week. Guess we'll have something more to talk about after our H2C weekend.


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Marci said...

Awesome! I'm going to post on my blog again...sometime...I promise! I had a great time seeing you guys over Paul's b-day weekend, and hopefully I'll make it up there again sometime soon. I'm looking forward to seeing some Hood to Coast pictures...if you made it back alive, that is!!! :)