Friday, August 18, 2006

Blogger Beefs

In case you haven't noticed, I updated our Blog this week. This new Blog page, supported/organized by Blogger Beta is for once causing me to heed their usual "beta" tag. With promises of more features, new templates (which actually looked familiar), and better stuff, I dove in and updated my page Wednesday.
I should have known something was up when they posted bold notices that once I updated I couldn't go back to my old page. Still, I'm surprised that the Flickr link doesn't work and that I can't edit the HTML (in which I'm mostly improficient, so 'oh well'). On top of that, I haven't really explored the other new amazing features such as allowing other authors to post on my page or setting up a private friends/family Blog. Anyway, I'm not bitter - just impatient for the page to look right & my links to work. Here's the Blogger Beta
tour if you're curious.
I attached some pretty flowers -- Bee Balm -- in an attempt to make this post less boring.
- A

1 comment:

chris said...

The green is a nice change, although I did get a message saying that the scripts on the page won't run with Mozilla and it did 'hang' for a bit yesterday. It's working okay today.