Monday, May 15, 2006

New Stuff

You know what everybody says about people who won't go along with their ideas -- "they don't like change. They're resistant to change." Well I think nobody really likes change, not just stubborn people, Republicans, third world leaders, and pets.

That's why I'm proud that I did three new things last week, which constitutes as plenty of movement in the direction opposite of change resistance, in my opinion.

1. Thursday night I tried knitting. Ugh. This morning I undid what little I had tried b/c I did it wrong. It still counts though! It's a great idle activity, I might add.

2. I did a half-marathon yesterday; my first (& last?). That was fun. Still awaiting an update on their web page: hippie chick half.

3. This one's kind of just a plug: Paul & I decided to try Flickr on our Blog. Alas, I don't have any new pictures to share yet. Check out our "testers" though.


1 comment:

chris said...

I don't know if I'm sold on flickr, but you guys have some nice photos. What's up with Paul holding Gatsby? I thought there was a mutual dislike. Did you two dye easter eggs? Nice.