Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Our living room, the second nearly-fully complete brand spankin' new room in our house! The rug is a new (gift), the chair is new, & the couch is new. Where's Gatsby? Posted by Picasa


chris said...

That is a nice couch. Is it suede or the 'stain resistant' material? Did Paul stuff Gatsby and set him by the fireplace as an ornament?

A&P said...

Its suede that isn't supposed to look suede, but I think it does. We skipped the $50 stain resistant treatment but opted in for the $50 lifetime cushion replacement deal. We had to budget, since there was also a $50 delivery fee.
Yep, when the taxidermist stuffed Gatsby, they also gave us 2 free "forms, one of him sleeping & the other of him eating. Good 'old G.
Do your cats sneak into every other picture you take?