Sunday, July 31, 2005


Can you believe the OR Brewers Fest offers (for $25) one official tasting mug, 12 tokens (or 3 beers), an official program, and a pen? As if some beer geek is going to get so wasted on 3 festival beers that he/she needs a pen to check off their booth attendance!! There were some big time geeks there; we almost count.
Our favorite beers: Watermelon Wheat, from the 21st Amemendment Brewery in SF. Paul says it tasted like a Jolly Rancher + wheat beer! Also, the Flying Fish Dubbel Trubbel from some brewery in NJ was awesome. Taastty!

Next year we might volunteer. Free Tokens!

- Anne


chris said...

So that picture was taken after how many samples?!

A&P said...

I felt JUST FINE!!! Paul always looks a little schnockered/high.