Thursday, May 26, 2005

Just when I thought it would never end

The rain is a funny thing here.
On a mostly sunny day, you can get rained on if the wind gusts hard enough.
When the sky is blue above you, and you see rain and a rainbow over there, you still might get rained on.
This may happen at your house: it's raining in the back yard but not in the front.
It's not all bad though. Sometimes when the weather people call for a 100% chance of rain, it doesn't always rain all day. The moral: always bring your rain coat.

So now after 7 months of mostly regular rain and some funny rain, it's been sunny and hot outside (75-85 degrees) for 3 whole days. Our plants need watering, people at the grocery store are complaining, non-exercisers decide to go outside for a midday jog (in their cargo shorts, black socks, and totally destroyed Keds), and the pink mold has begun disappearing from our lawn.
I reflect on our time in Mississippi, and reassure myself that
this is nothing. These people have no idea what hot is.

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chris said...

Yeah, suckers for sure (or are we the suckers for living here?). Portlanders are a bunch of whiny babies. Don't you miss the heat index of 100+ when it's 92 degrees outside? There were some records broken last Saturday all around the area, mostly in Louisiana. I bet no Oregonians would be stupid enough to ride their bike 40 miles in the middle of the afternoon, only us crazy Mississippians.