Monday, May 09, 2005

Get Outside Yourself!

Its definitely Monday. Its raining, we're sleepy. The weekend was pretty okay. As soon as the sprinkling stops, I'm going outside to finish what I started - in the garden. I'm cultivating a shade garden (I'll attach a pic later when there's something besides dirt) with Hostas, vinca vine, fuchia, and whatever else is labled to grow in shade. The rest of the yard contains previously planted growth, a few scattered seeds, and a new Cascade Hop plant, Paul's baby. We've designated a special plot for his eventual multiple hops (because they can get pretty wild & tall), invested in Bug Repellant and Miracle Grow to protect them and make them strong. Currently, they're growing about an inch per day. The homebrew will be good!
Anyway, it's still Monday. Buh-bye now.


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