Thursday, December 17, 2009

We are all ok

Despite the circling tornado inside our house, we continue to survive. But fear not; we have a solution: designate a room to hold all her 'stuff,' complete with a door and a toy box, and lots of room to destroy things.

I want my Pie Safe back. Unfortunately her memory has surpassed that of a goldfish's, so I assume it'll take some training and definitely a lock, before we can reclaim the space.

In between disaster clean-up we've been doing fun things like riding the Holiday Express steam train through Portland, and working on the car seat.

And we got our tree up!


Anonymous said...

The return of the pie safe will happen when she gets her own apartment and decides that she doesn't want it. Get another one for yourself.

Anonymous said...

uh, and the room for herself and herself's stuff? You have to stay in that room all the time or it won't be any good.