Saturday, June 06, 2009


Cherries, originally uploaded by apkoski.

This is a cloudy, peaceful June morning. I am sipping from my first cup of home brewed coffee in over a year, eating some fresh cherries and tallying my week of boot camp. Baby and daddy are taking an early am nap downstairs. It is oh so quiet.

In fact, I've had time to look through the Williams Sonoma catalog that came yesterday, full of silly grilling tools (does your may need a jalapeno pepper roaster? Or perhaps a pizza que grill or grill tray for making nachos… on the grill?). Save Father's Day, I'd be shopping for myself, and get these beautiful little cake stands.

Hmm, this coffee is a little hard to take. Meh. Now lattes I can handle. Once or twice a week I am dropping $3.10. Maybe instead (to save money, uh-huh) I could get myself this nifty little latte/cappuccino maker, the Bialetti Mukka. It is so cute, with it's little man fill line!

Oh. I digress... What else is going on? I'm trying to come up with a good excuse to skip running this morning.

I'm folding diapers on the side.

What else? I would love to work on some sewing projects that are overdue. I would love for our dining room floor to be clean, and to not be the one responsible for making it so. I'd enjoy a scone to go with -- no, to mask -- the coffee grounds taste in my mouth. Ok, yech. This coffee is going bye-bye. Wave bye-bye coffee!

Anyone like decaf? Such a shame...

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