Thursday, April 16, 2009

Garden Planning

I took some time last month to measure out our front lawn and sketch up a to scale depiction of the garden space we're digging out right now (although somehow the actual garden looks like it won't fit all that stuff on the layout).

Can ya read all that scribble (Actually, if you click on the image it comes up crystal clear in a new window.) I'm going for shades of yellow, chartreuse, and orange, infused with a healthy dose of purple. I want mostly perennials and evergreens. The house is 'margarita green,' according to our lush neighbors, and the mailbox, house numbers, and planter are copper. The space gets strong afternoon sun (6-7 hrs), so I'm going for drought-tolerant plants. Any suggestions for the gap?

PS - Anybody visited the Amazon(d0t)com apparel shop yet?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I visited Amazon and shared with interested parties.

You also have orange - blackberry lily is orange. Blooms here in August.

Anonymous said...

I'd also add about 50 purple crocus on the very front edge, in clumps of 5 or 7 bulbs each, or also right next to the places you are not likely to ever dig up, like under the drip line of the large shrubs or at the foot of the clematis.
There are also some great purple clematis for the trellis. Two types that bloom at different times?
The Rose City???? There are orange roses. There are purple roses. There are yellow roses.

tyleen said...

Wow--a nice luxury to plan! What is the markered green area? Where is your house in relation to all this?

Anne & Paul said...

Oh! You mean the "North" arrow wasn't sufficient? ;)
The scribble green is grass, the green square with the copper box below it represents our house & mailbox.

Anonymous said...

and there are orange coneflowers, too.

Anne & Paul said...
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Anne & Paul said...

That's a good one. Those coneflowers look a little copper.